Air Rifle Examination Study Guide


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1.                  Know the steps you must take when you pick up or receive a rifle.

2.                  Know which air rifle parts are not associated with safe gun handling.

3.                  Know what the command LOAD means.

4.                  Know why air rifle target shooting is an exceptionally safe sport.

5.                  Know what you should do when your air rifle malfunctions.

6.                  Know the procedures you must take before you are allowed to go down range.

7.                  Known what you are to-do if the range officer gives you the command stop and you still have a loaded pellet in the barrel.

8.                  Know the safest way to load a pellet.

9.                  Know what the most important part of air rifle safety.

10.              Know what must happen when the rifle is grounded.

11.              Know what you may do when the firing line is clear.

12.              Know what CBI stands for and means.

13.              Know what a loaded rifle is considered.

14.              Know the goals and objectives of air rifle safety.

15.              Know what MAT stands for and mains.

16.              Know what the command STOP means.

17.              Know how to load a pneumatic rifle properly.

18.              Be able to define/list the steps in properly grounding an air rifle.

19.              What is a CLEAR range.

20.              When is the proper time to place the index finger on the trigger.

21.              Know the proper order/sequence of checking an air rifle to make sure it is safe.

22.              Know all of the commands to be used on an air rifle range and what they mean.