Health and Weight Lifting Class (Articles and Tests)

Current events are due each week
Health Classes and Naval Science Classes are to include
a completed GIST work sheet with each current event
Current event grading criteria: 50 points for the article and up
to 50 points for the completed GIST work sheet

GP 3 Spring 2016 Health Class Test and Articles List

Health class report criteria, 2016
Naval Science Health Curriculum - 2016
Parent Permission form for Health Curriculum

Articles (all articles are in adobe acrobat format)
Articles are copied from the National Strength and Conditioning On-Line "Training Performance Journal"
or the publication "Strength and Conditioning Journal, NSCA holds all copyrights to these articles, duplication for financial gain is illegal

Health Class Read Only articles

1.  Alcohol Poisoning
2.  An Ounce a Day
2.  Antioxidant Armor
3.  Antioxidants
4.  Antioxidants and free radicals
5.  Calcium: It's not just for bones anymore
Adolescent Brain Development
7.  Common sleep problems
8.  Energy storage in muscle
9.  Exercise and heat stroke
10.  Fat Burning
11. Hormones and strength
12. How your muscles contract
13. Hypertrophy training = volume
14. Increase in strength without and increase in size
16. Inhalants
15. Muscle contraction theory
16. Muscle fiber types
17. Muscle fuel
18. Protein proportioned properly --- finally
19. Pumping and eating iron: What are the concerns for
active individuals

20. Recovery Nutrition
21. Sensible supplements
22. Talking yourself into it
23. Tame your Temper
24. Tea Benefits
25. Tea's benefits making brew as cool as coffee 
26. The reinvention of nutrition basics
27. An Ignored Epidemic
Winning the Weight War 


Health Class Articles for Fill-in-the blanks Tests

1.  A Quick Boost
Calculating your daily calories
3.  Going for the Gain 
4. Growing Pains
5.  The ZZZZZZZZ Factor

The Tests for the Fill-in-the Blank Health Articles

1.  A Quick Boost
2. Adolescent Brain Development
3. An Ignored Epidemic
4.  Going for the Gain 
5.  Growing Pains
6. The ZZZZZZ Factor
7.  Winning the Weight War

8.  Calculating your Daily Calories

Reading Comprehension Articles

1. 7 Natural Ways to Boost your Metabolism
2. Relieve Back Pain Naturally
3. Potato Chip alternatives, you can eat more that one
4. There's more to a child's nap than just free time for mom
5. More potassium in diet reduces stroke risk?
6. Sunscreen - Protection or Deception?
7. Heartburn - more serious than you think

Tests available in classroom for Reading Comprehension Articles

Health Videos for Viewing

                  Title                               View by Date
1.  I Ain't Drunk, Just Drinking                        
2.  Teenage Tobacco Abuse                          
3. My Pyramid
4. Introduction to Health and Life Styles, Power point video
5. Nutrition, Power point video
6. Social and Family Health, Power point video
7. Mental and Emotional Health, Power point video
8. Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs and OTC drugs, Power point video


Weight Lifting class articles

1. Body Weight Exercise: The Pull Up
Increase in strength without an increase in size
Hormones and strength



Weight Lifting class articles tests

1. Body Weight Exercise: The Pull Up
2. Increase in strength without an increase in size - test -
3. Hormones and strength - test -