Community Service 2006 - 2007

Sean Levins on the trash blower (in fish eye lens)

The NJROTC program is a citizenship development program that teaches high school students about their role in community, society and their country.  Citizenship can take many faces and avocations; teacher, sailor, soldier, policeman, fireman or emergency medical technician, etc..  The JROTC program endeavors to support the concept of community service and involvement.  Each year cadets around the nation complete hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer community service.  Service without monetary benefit or personal gain.  The cadets of St Amant High School make efforts to do their fair share.  Each year the cadets visit senior citizen living facilities, clean segments of Highway 431 and Church Point Road, help the local police department with traffic control during athletic events, and march in local parades.       

Cadet Jermie Joseph alone raking up the trash

       The cadets of the 2006-2007 St Amant High School Cadet Corps continue the tradition.  The football season has started and again the sheriff has asked us to assist with traffic control at the football games.  Each Friday of a home game, 10 cadets participate in this valuable contact with the public in support of our local sheriff's department.  Dressed in their Navy Physical fitness shirts the cadets are a valuable force multiplier for our local sheriff. 
        Additionally, just prior to the first game, our Assistant Principal Mr.David Richard, asked if the cadets could help clean up the community football stadium on the Saturday after each home game.  The cadets have performed this task for the first three games collecting over 14 dumpsters full of debris (4-6 dumpsters full each game).  With six games on the home schedule, that's a lot of trash.  A slide show of their clean up efforts is available HERE.