Area 08 Drill Meet Guidance
Forms, files and instructions
are available on this site, including
copies of Navy Nationals' drill cards, LOI
and drill deck layout

What I do to put on a Drill Meet

I am one of a number of NJROTC instructors in Area 08 who host Area Manager sanctioned drill meets.  NJROTC instructors usually host these meets annually and have learned valuable lessons in making the meets run smoothly.  Each meet director will use his or her own procedures for the conduct of a Drill Meet.  I am not the inventor of the forms and spreadsheet that you will find on this page.  They are a compilation of forms and files that I have gathered from a number of sources.  A special thanks to Alma High School NJROTC, for without their spreadsheet, meet tabulation would take forever.  The following are the recommendations of one such director:

1.  No secret here - Plan ahead.  Schedule the facilities with your school to include classrooms, large common areas for testing, football fields or large open areas, locker rooms, a track, and inclement weather facilities.

2.  Contact local recruiters, ROTC programs and active duty military commands for judges.

3.  Contract with or acquire your score keepers locally.  Ensure that the manipulators of the spreadsheet are MSExcel proficient.  Have an adequate number of 10 key calculators for adding the scores on the score cards.  I recommend three separate individuals add each score card.  A fourth person should input the data into the spreadsheet.  The meet director should review all data entries before the awards ceremony.

4.  Trophies and medals should be purchased well ahead of time.  I do not try to make money on the entry fees.  One of the most important items to the cadets is the quality and size of the trophies and the receipt of medals that are applicable to the event contested.

5.  Produce your score cards for each team, delineating a specific color paper for each event.  Prepare 2 separate envelopes for each team.  One envelope will hold the clean score cards to be given to the instructor for each school.  Envelope number 2 will be used to collect the score cards once the scores have been entered in the excel spreadsheet.  Keep an area in the tabulation room for judges to review their scores after they have been entered in the spreadsheet. 

6.  The academic exam should be developed well ahead of the meet.  Only the last 10 current event questions should be left to complete in the week leading up to the meet.  Make enough copies (75 - 100), depending on the number of testing teams per period.  I always make 10 extra copies in the event the copier machine screws up.  I also use teachers from our school to administer and grade the test.  Using scantrons a detailed report on each question can be produced.

7..  Attached you will find instructions that I use to give to Academic, Personnel Inspection and Physical Fitness judges.
     a.  Academic judge instructions
     b.  Personnel Inspection judge instructions
     c.  Physical Fitness judge instructions

8.  Concessions is where we make our money for the meet.  I purchase all of the items for sale from Sam's Club, set the price, and let the NJROTC Booster Club run the concession stand.  No cadets handle the money.  Additionally, parents will cook the burgers, dogs and jambalya or nachos.  Sample menu (MSword)

9.  I produce my own local LOI to cover those things specific to my meet not covered by Area 08 or Navy Nationals.  Attached is a sample of the one I used this year (MSword).

10. I post all of the forms; participation letter, Area 08 LOI, Navy Nationals score cards, cadence MP3, Indemnity form, Academic and PT score forms on our web site well ahead of the competition.  As things progress and change I keep all participating instructors informed through the web site.  I also ask each instructor to email me their personal cell phone number the week prior to the meet.

11.  I produce and post on our web site the Order of Battle the Monday before the meet.

I hope that other instructors in NJROTC and NROTC programs will find this information helpful.  If you have questions or I have forgotten to address a specific area, don't hesitate to call.  I can be reached at 225-391-6026 or at or

Captain Dennis Beaver
St Amant High School
St Amant, LA 70131

Navy National Drill Meet Information

1.  Navy Nationals' LOI (pdf)
2.  Navy Nationals' Drill Deck layout (pdf)
3.  Push ups and Curl ups cadence mp3

Score Cards - Navy Nationals 2016

1.  Armed Drill Basic card (pdf) new Nationals 2018
2.  Unarmed Drill Basic card (pdf) new Nationals 2018
3.  Color Guard card (pdf) new Nationals 2018
4.  Basic Drill and penalty Card (pdf)
5.  Personnel Inspection (pdf)
6.  Armed Exhibition Card (pdf)
7.  Unarmed Exhibition Card (pdf)

Area 08 Drill Meet Information

1.  Area 08 LOI 2017-18 (pdf)
2.  Participation Letter (PDF) (MSword)
3.  Academic and PT score sheets (xlxs) (pdf) (xls)
4.  Tug of War double elimination brackets (xlxs) (xls)
5.  Area 8 Drill Meet spreadsheet  2014-15 (xls)
6.  Indemnity form (MSword) (pdf)

7.  Sample Order of Battle (MSword)