Dress Code Policy












Standardized High School (grades 9-12) Dress Code

Ascension Parish Public Schools

2007-2008 (MSWord)


Shall be khaki or black. (No glitter, shimmer or other color distraction is permitted.)

 1.  Shall be appropriately sized with a regular fitting crotch:  not tight fitting, not loose fitting.
Bottoms (worn above the hip bone) must be properly hemmed or cuffed at or below the ankle
and no wider than shoe length, but not dragging the ground.  “Slicing or ragging” is not allowed.
Belts (with no distracting decorations) must be worn at all times with bottoms that have belt loops. 

2.  Bottoms may not be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals contraband, or creates a distraction (“sagging” not allowed).

3.   No stretch slacks, sweatpants, jogging pants, wind suits, warm-ups, overalls or coveralls allowed.

4.     No leather, suede, vinyl or denim fabrics.

5.   Shorts, skirts or dresses must reach the top of kneecap.

6.    The top of any side, back or front slit must be clearly no more than three (3) inches above the kneecap.


Shall be polo style with collar.

1.   “Polo style” shirt must have two, three or four buttons (no snap-up or zippers), with long or short sleeves
(no sleeveless or cap-sleeves).

2.  Shall be solid in color (approved colors per school) or appropriate campus spirit shirt.    

3.  Shall be appropriately sized.  Must be tucked in and appropriately buttoned above the chest area at all times.

4.  May not be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals contraband or creates a distraction.

5.  If a t-shirt or turtleneck is worn underneath the  polo style shirt, it must be solid white.

6.  Students may add the approved school name and mascot to  their polo style shirts.  Logos (mascots & school  names) can be stitched/printed on the left front, upper chest area of the shirt.  The logo will be of acceptable size if the flattened hand can cover it.

7.  Curriculum related uniforms are considered standardized dress on designated days. (i.e., Allied Health Academy,
ROTC, etc…..)

8.  Shirts or other objects that contain or symbolize obscene, drug related, gang related or offensive wording are not allowed. This includes the advertisement of products that contain tobacco or alcohol. Clothing or other articles depicting violence, blood, knives, guns, skulls, etc. are also not allowed

9.  Must be tucked in.



Black                                                                                       Royal Blue
            Red                                                                                         Yellow
            White                                                                                       White

DUTCHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL                                         ST AMANT HIGH SCHOOL 

Black                                                                                       Black
            Purple                                                                                      White


1.  Must be neat, clean and well groomed.

2.  Head covering, skullcaps, hats, hair rollers, kerchiefs, bandanas, sweatbands, hoods or any other headgear are
not allowed
. Long-handled combs are prohibited for safety reasons.

3.  Symbols and/or styles that are identified with gang membership, affiliation or representation are not allowed.

4.  Extreme hairstyles that detract from educational setting are not allowed. Hair may not be dyed colors other than
natural hair colors. (i.e., No blue, green, pink, etc….)

5.  Hair carvings are not allowed.


1.  Closed in shoes (front and back) i.e., tennis shoes, tied shoes or loafer type are all acceptable (no slipper style
or house shoes).  Wheels, glitter, noisemakers, lights or hanging tags are not permissible on footwear.  Shoes will
be worn and fastened appropriately.


1.  May be pullover, button-up, zipper, snap, etc.  

2.  Must be solid in color (approved colors per school and/or gray) worn with the polo style shirt collar showing.  
Hoods may only be worn in areas approved by the administration.  The only logos allowed (other than mascot &
school name) should be the manufacturer’s label.  The manufacturer’s logo will be of acceptable size if the flattened
hand can cover it.

3.  Must be appropriately sized in the shoulders, sleeves and length.

4.  Students may add the approved school name and mascot to sweatshirts, vests or sweaters with principal approval.

5.  May not be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals contraband or creates a distraction.


1.  An outside jacket/coat is defined as an outer garment of any color, with or without a hood, that opens completely in
the front and can be closed with a zipper, buttons or snaps, etc. (Flannel shirts and fleece pullovers are not considered
jackets and should not be worn.) 

2.  May be high school letter jacket as long as it corresponds with the specific school the student attends (Ascension only).

3.  No college or professional logo jacket or coats may be worn, (i.e., starter jackets).

4.  May not be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals contraband or creates a distraction.

5.  Full-length jackets/coats such as those commonly referred to as “trench” coats or “dusters” are not allowed
Jackets/coats of ¾ length (or less) are acceptable.

6.  Outside jackets and coats are considered to be cold weather apparel only.  


1.  New students enrolling in any Ascension Parish Public High School will be provided a grace period of no more than f
ive (5) calendar days to comply with this dress code.

2.  Revealing or tight garments considered inappropriately sized are prohibited.

3.  Accessories with inappropriate decorations or advertisements are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, any
item that depicts the occult, gang membership, death, suicide, violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or ethnic bias.

4.  The following items may not be worn:

a.  Garments that have holes worn or torn in them.

b.  Heavy chains, spike necklaces or other inappropriate types of jewelry.

c.  Glitter, tattoos and writing/drawing on the face.

      d.   No more than (2) earrings may be worn in each ear. Nose rings, lip rings, eyebrow rings, tongue piercing rings, studs,
       pierced hole fillers or any other body piercing are not permitted.


1st Offense – Verbal Warning and parent contacted if necessary

2nd Offense – Parent called to bring appropriate clothing and student assigned to behavior clinic

3rd Offense – Saturday Detention

4th Offense – Suspension (1 day)

On 5th Offense – start back at 2nd consequence and continue cycle. 

Four times per nine weeks on days set by the principal, appropriate jeans or designated dress as determined by the principal
may be worn.  Jeans must be of the same style and design as defined by the standardized dress code for slacks.

The board has the right to modify or change any of the above said policy.

Administrators have the responsibility and right to determine the appropriateness of attire and grooming for school setting.


1.  ID badges must be worn at all times with the picture facing outward.  ID’s must be clearly visible and are not to be defaced
or to have any non-approved items attached or placed on the front or back.