1.  Before School - Schedule Delivery (New Gym):  Final schedules will be delivered to students in the NEW Gym before school on the first day.  Regularly scheduled duty teachers will stand duty at their regularly scheduled duty post.  All other teachers are assigned a duty post to facilitate the distribution of schedules.  All teachers should make plans to be at school, on duty, by 7:00 AM.  See below for assignments:

    First period conference teachers - will distribute schedules in the new gym.  It is important that you be in place in the gym at 7;00 AM sharp.

    Second period conference teachers - teachers with last names between A - L will assist first period conference teachers in the gym handing out schedules.  Teachers with last names between M - Z will be in the parking lot in front of the Gold Dome to direct students from the parking lots to the NEW Gym.

    Third period conference teachers - teachers with last names between A - L will be in the main parking lot to direct students into the NEW Gym.  Teachers with last names between M - Z will be in front of the school building and in the patio area to direct students to the NEW Gym.

    Fourth period conference teachers - teachers with last names between A - D will be in the shell parking lot by the Social Studies Hall to direct students to the NEW Gym.  Teachers with last names between F - M will distribute themselves in the halls of the main building.  Teachers with last names between N - T will direct students in the commons area.

    We will run a regular schedule.  If necessary, we will hold the bell for first block a few minutes.

2.  Check roll using roster.  Do not allow anyone into your classroom who is not on your official roster or who does not have an official schedule/schedule change form from the guidance office.  Anyone on your roster not present is marked absent in your attendance record and in eClass attendance.

3.  Complete the "Beginning Enrollment" form and send it to Sheila Price by 8:30 AM.  This must be sent to the central office by 10:00 AM.

4.  Complete class count for the guidance.  Include only students who have shown up at least one day, not everyone on your roster.  These forms are to be returned to the Guidance Office at the beginning of 4th block each day for the first week of school and , if requested, one additional day.

5.  All students MUST take a free/reduced lunch form.  Ask them to give the form to their parents.

6.  Give insurance forms to students who are interested in receiving these (2nd block).

7.  Issue student agendas and have students sign the waiver on page 31 if they wish to use the internet at school.

8.  Issue the "Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook".  Have all students sign the Parent/Student handbook roster to indicate that they have received a handbook and a student agenda.  Make sure students understand to get parents to sign the letter on page 1 of the handbook.  Return both rosters and sign-off letters by August 18 to the tray on Sheila Price's

9.  Have students write their names in their textbooks.

10. Take your class to the emergency spot in the parking lot.  Have one reliable student escort students who come in after the first day.

11. Freshmen classes: Explain the A/B lunch schedule.



First Day                                                           Exact number of bodies present

Second Day                                                       Number of bodies present plus any who attended
                                                                        the day before but not today

Third and Subsequent Days                                Number of bodies present plus anyone who reported
                                                                        at least one day.  Only subtract those students who have
                                                                        brought an official schedule change.