New Teacher
Establishing Classroom Procedures

What the research says: "Research shows that effective teachers spend most of the first two weeks of the school year teaching students to follow classroom procedures. Ineffective teachers, on the other hand, begin the first day of school attempting to teach a subject and spend the rest of the school year running after the student." (Jones 1978)

Why procedures are important: Students readily accept the idea of having a uniform set of classroom procedures, because it simplifies their task of succeeding in school. Efficient and workable procedures allow a great variety of activities to take place during a school day, and often several activities at a given time, with a minimum of confusion and wasted time. If no procedures are established, much time will be wasted organizing each activity. The students will have to guess what to do. As a result, undesirable work habits and behaviors could develop which would be hard to correct.

Here are Some Possible Activities That Need Procedures:

Think about the questions below. Are these possible activities in your classroom? Do you have a procedure for them? If you do, it will help prepare for a successful year…