New Teacher
What can a Mentor do for me?

The following are some questions you might want to ask your mentor.

1) During what hours can I access my classroom? Is the school on an alarm system?

2) How do I request furniture items for my classroom?

3) What are the school rules and policies I will need to present to my students?

4) Are aides available, and, if so, on what schedule?

5) What are the procedures for obtaining classroom books and checking them out to students?

6) What consumable supplies are available, and what are the procedures for obtaining them?

7) What audio-visual equipment and materials are available, and what are the procedures for obtaining them?

8) Who can I turn to for help with technology in my classroom?

9) What is the required paperwork for the first day of school, everyday attendance, and the lunch program?

10) What is the procedure for the arrival of students on the first day of school and for every day after that?

11) Are there any special events or assemblies I need to be aware of during the first week of school?

12) How do students leave at the end of the day?

13) What is the school's policy about rules and consequences, suspension, and keeping students after school for either make-up work or detention? How are parents notified?

14) What duplication materials are available and what are the procedures for using them?

15) How do I get assistance from the office for emergencies, illness or discipline problems?

16) What are the procedures for early dismissal and late arrivals?

17) When is the principal available, and about what should he or she be consulted?

18) When is the school nurse available, and what are appropriate reasons for making a referral?

19) Is a counselor available, and what types of referrals does he or she want?

20) What resources are available in the district for helping with diagnosing or working with students with severe learning or behavior problems?

21) What custodial services are available for my room, and what should I do if I need custodial assistance?

22) To what parts of the school can I send students (library, restroom, etc.), and what are the procedures for doing so?

23) What is the bell schedule?

24) Where can I get a district and school calendar?

25) Where are student files kept, and what are the procedures to access them?

26) Is there a homework hotline number I need to keep current?

27) What internet resources about the school/district are available to students and parents?