Naval Science 2 Class Notes

Military History     
Naval Science 2 Answer Sheet

Naval Science 2 Calendar

1. NS 2 Sea Power and Early Western Civilization
2. NS 2 The American Revolution
3. NS 2 The Growth of American Sea Power
4. NS 2 The Civil War
5. NS 2 The Rise to World Power Status
6. NS 2 World War I
7. NS 2 December 2006 Grading Period Exam  (MSWord version)
8. NS 2 December 2010 Exam (MS Word)

Current Events: Current events are due each week
Health Classes and Naval Science Classes are to include
a completed GIST work sheet with each current event
Current event grading criteria: 50 points for the article and up
to 50 points for the completed GIST work sheet