St Amant High School, NJROTC


  October 25 & 26, 2012


Very special thanks to EO 1 Johnson and the members of the First Class Petty Officer's Association at Navy Construction Base, Gulfport, MS who made this field trip possible.

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Cadets enjoy 4 delicious meals at the base Galley. 
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Naval Science Two and Three Field Trip.

The NS 2 and 3 Cadets visited Navy Mobile Construction Base, Gulf Port on 25 and 26 October 2012.  They received briefings from all of the CB ratings and some of the fleet rating that support their operations.  Additionally, cadets were able to operate and see a number of the heavy equipment that the CB's use.





(Select the picture above to view a video of the trainer and cadets in action.)

Gators Visit NMCB, Gulfport

Cadet Hernandez operating the large fork lift.  (For a video of Cadet Ducote operating the fork lift, select the picture above)

EO 1 Johnson giving the cadets and introduction to the the Seabee's equipment compound







Men and women of the First Class Petty Officers Association

EO 1 Johnson (Equipment Operator) our host for the two day field trip

CE 1 Troup
(Construction Electrician)

                 UT 1 DeAngelo                                                     CM 1 Valles                                         UT 1 Runyon
                   (Utilityman)                                                (Construction Mechanic)
                            (Utility Man)
             (Jack of all Trades)


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Men and women of the First Class Petty Officers Association

          S 1 Hammonds                       GM 1 Clouse
      (Logistics Support)                   (Gunners Mate)


Cadet Williams

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More Pictures of our trip

        CM 3 Long
(Construction Mechanic)



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(Select the picture above for an introduction from EO 1 Johnson on the weapons the
cadets where able handle)
























The St Amant NJROTC cadet corps is extremely grateful to all members of the NMCB Base, Gulfport team for making our visit special. 

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