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Updated: 13 July 2017

The 2017 - 2018 school year is
the 18th year of NJROTC at St. Amant High School 

St. Amant Drill Meet is scheduled for March 10, 2017.  This year the event will be the Area 08 Super Meet.  The qualifying meet for Area 08 teams going to Navy NJROTC Nationals.  Meet guidance is linked Here.

St. Amant High School NJROTC program Brochure available HERE.

2015 - 2016 "Unit Achievement" recipient
2014 - 2015 "Unit Achievement" recipien
2009  -2010 "Distinguished Unit"
2008 - 2009 "Distinguished Unit"
2007 - 2008 "Distinguished Unit with Academic Honors"
2006-2007"Distinguished Unit" and Area 08 "Most Improved Unit"
2005 - 2006 "Unit Achievement" recipient
2004 - 2005 "Unit Achievement" recipient

Attention Parents 

If you have any questions call Captain Beaver through email at dennis.beaver@apsb.org

 All cadets are required to have sports physicals, complete a NJROTC Health Risk Screening Form and complete a Standard Release Form.  These forms are available at the above links in Adobe Acrobat format.


Incoming Freshmen

 Naval Science ONE cadets are encouraged and invited to participate in our summer Mini-Boot Camp program.  A letter was sent to the parents of students who have currently requested Naval Science ONE be one of their scheduled classes for the fall of the 2017-18 school year.  Incoming freshmen interested in having the Naval Science ONE class on their schedule, can contact their counselor at the email and phone links at the bottom of this page.  If you're interested in the Mini-Boot Camp contact Captain Beaver. 


East Ascension High School Students

     The Naval Science ONE class at St. Amant High School is available to students from East Ascension High School.  The Ascension Parish School Board will provide transportation to St. Amant High School for the NJROTC Naval Science ONE and TWO classes.  An Information Brochure on the EA program is linked here.  Additionally, Captain Beaver and Master Sergeant Daily will be available during the Freshman Prep Day at EA High School to answer questions and provide information on the program.


Competition Team NJROTC Cadets are eligible to:
Team Members can Earn $$$$ for taking the ACT/SAT/ASVAB and EOC tests, click here for the STA incentive program details. 



2017 Ascension Parish NJROTC Basic Leadership Training (BLT), 17 thru 21 July at St Amant High School

Incoming Freshmen Mini-Boot Camp, 24 thru 28 July 2017

Annual Area Managers Inspection, 7 March 2018

ST Amant will host the Super Meet, 10 March 2018

Junior Senior Field Trip to Washington D.C., 24 thru 29 March 2018

Competition Results 2017 - 2018

Events + Field Trips 2017 -2018 Photo Gallery






Driving Directions to St Amant High School (12035 HWY 431, St Amant, LA 70131) from: 1) Baton Rouge; 2) New Orleans; 3) Hammond


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ROTC SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION seniors, now is the time to complete those applications.  Students in the top 10% of their graduating class have an increased chance for selection.  A 58 combined ELA and Math score, with a minimum of a 26 in math can get you an immediate scholarship selection.  Contact Captain Beaver or your local Navy Recruiter for more details.  

Visitors can access program guidelines (Cadet Guidebook),  events and other items of interest to parents and cadets through links in this page.  You can access these areas by selecting one of the links in the "Links in this site" window to the far left.

 Check our "Links in this site" in the left hand column for up-to-date links, i.e., Policies on BullyingSleeping in class and Behavior Clinic.  

For  information on scheduling contact your child's counselor at:
call them at: 225-391-.
Geraldine Couvillion - A's through D's - Geraldine.Couvillion@apsb.org - 6013
Jamie Kramer - E's through J's - Jamie.Kramer@apsb.org - 6014
Natalie Aucoin - K's through Q's - Natalie.Aucoin@apsb.org - 6015
Dareth Sampson - R's through Z's - Dareeth.Sampson@apsb.org - 6012
Jennifer Kleinpeter - Freshmen - Jennifer.Kleinpeter@apsb.org - 6047
Renee' Legendre - Registra - Renee.Legendre@apsb.org - 6023
Suzanne Elisar - Counseling Secretary - Suzanne.Elisar@apsb.org - 6022


arents having questions about the program should contact our instructors.